Frequently Asked Questions

What is DNSLog? is an online tool that helps you to check the status of your DNS & Email servers. It can help you to diagnose DNS errors with just a quick test from our app interface. Our goal is to bring everyone the possibility to check for health & propagation of their DNS records.

Is it free?

The basic functions of (check dns/mail health, and also check dns propagation) will always be free. does not accept my domain, what's going on?

That's totally normal if you use some weird extensions on your domain names. While we try to be the best DNS Test for all kind of domain names, some specific TLDSs may not work as expected.

How can I contribute to this project?

If you find this project useful, we appreciate any kind of help to keep this project alive, that includes:

* Money donations via Paypal.

* Write a review or link our website.

Get in touch with us from our Contact page if you need more information.